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Web Design & Website Maintenance

Get noticed to boost your sales.

The web can be a very powerful part of your marketing as more and more customers use the web daily as their source of information.

Designs for all types of businesses with the set-up of Hosts and web addresses (domains) included.

Have your own personalised email address to give a professional touch to your company.

We have a inpeccable system for improving your websites using Search Engine Optimization which can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your website combined with well a planned Google Adwords campaign you can give potential customers focus on your business.

Two routes for web design are offered. One is to create promotional movies, special effects, Flash movies, interactive presentations and instructional movie clips through our design arm Visualhow. These effects are further enhanced by using dynamics which can ultilize databases to gain a near real time experience.

Website design is also available together with holding page creation, hosting and domain management including email accounts, mail forwarding. This includes the use of javascript, Flash, PHP, ASP, Drupal, Joomla & Moogle support and implementation along with dynamic pages using databases using SQL & MySql.

Web design is also offered through partnership with Web Design In Wales, highly regarded local web designers who supply a full range of products especially for the e-commerce market.

This two-avenune approach ensures you get the right type of `Internet Presence` your company needs in this very competitive age. Our professional guidance can give you the edge that you require.

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